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By benwantegg · Oct 8, 2012 · Updated Oct 9, 2012 · ·
  1. benwantegg
    Before we start, english is not my first language and im still learning. Please accept my apologies for all the mistakes you may find.

    We wanted to have chickens because we are a big consuming egg family, also we wanted to have my son to start doing small tasks(filling the waterer, holding the bucket for dad when im cleaning the coop etc...) to introduce him to have some ''responsabilities''. We didnt wanted a full time job by acquiring chicken and we were begginners too, so we planned to get 4 chickens. I started to read some books to have an idea how to take care of chickens and to know the basics requirements to built a decent coop. Like every average income families, i did recycling by re-using what i had but did bought some materials in new...but i went for the cheapest possible price(without comprimising the safety of the coop!!!). The whole thing cost around 300$ CAD. It is not a design chef d'oeuvre!!!!! I really didnt care about how it look when i designed the coop, i went for convenience and cheapness!

    I have started with the floor of my coop. It was some kind of a deck/podium that the previous owners had under their washing/drying machines. The frame is made of 2x6 with studs every 16''. I just put some 2x4 of 36'' of height to make the legs of the coop. The floor measure 5x4 for 20sq/ft. Enough for 4 chickens like we planned!!!


    So far it didnt cost me a penny! The next step of the project was to do the frame of the coop. The back part is where the nesting boxes are sitting on. From the floor until the top its measure 5ft. It all been made out of 2x4 lumber.


    Ive decided to built the pen and the coop attached together by using the same roof because i live in Canada and i really dont want to remove snow out of the pen every single time that its snowing!!! I went to the hardware store to buy some economic grade 2x4 lumbers that i have picked up for 1.89$/pcs. They are full of knots and are not perfectly square but it giving a ''rustic'' look to the coop. Some of the lumbers/deck blocks were given to me as well....more saving!!!


    We are at the stage of putting the walls on, i used some 8x4 plywood sheets. Thank to my neighbor who was getting rid of a full bag of insulating material that i put in the walls. To prevent having a drafty coop, i used an insulating foam in every cracks of the coop.


    Done with the walls and the roof(no shingles yet...).


    Day 6 of the project: I was not done but the coop was suitable to receive the chickens. I rushed all week long to built the coop because i had to pick up the girls on that day. The chickens are in and the family is meeting the girls!!!


    Couples of weeks passed on and i worked here and there on the coop as the weather and money slowed me down a bit but im finally done and here is the final result.


    The ladder is purely decorative. I know that the shingles are not flush with the edge of the roof but i am sure that the water/snow will not leak in, and again, i dont care how it look!

    I put those 6x8 tarps on each side of the pen because ive noticed that when it was raining that the wind make the water come in the pen. So i just got to let them down and i will keep my pen dry from snow/water!!!!


    The nesting boxes.


    Inside the pen.

    Beneath the coop i use the space as a storage.

    Inside the coop.

    Under the flower pot, there is a lamp that will keep the water unfrozed during cold days.


    The ceiling is open so the coop can breath and stay dry. There is also a light to give them enough lighttime each day to continue laying throughout winter.


    Please, meet the girls!!!

    Hope it will give some ideas/inspiration to somebody else like all the coop design that i have seen on this site!!! Again, dont judge it on how it look, i know its ugly!!!! Thank you to leave a comment or a suggestion on what i can improve to make the girls happier!!! If you got any questions, dont be shy to ask them!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nardo
    "Canada coop"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 30, 2018
    Good job. Wonder if they took to roosting in the nesting boxes? May need to move the roost a bit higher.
  2. CCUK
    "Well done"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Not the prettiest but it is well built and does what it says on the tin! Great build.
  3. Hope Hughes
    "Love the tarp idea!"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018


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  1. CoopChick719
    Great job on the coop! I like your roll-down tarp for the pen. I was looking for a way to keep my pen dryer. It's covered but it seems like the rain & snow still come in sideways making the run muddy. Thanks for the tarp idea!
    I think you did a great job! In reference to the roosts...maybe you can place one up high, higher than the nesting boxes. From what I've read, they like to roost at the highest point. I'm also a chicken rookie, so more experienced chicken owners can correct me if I'm wrong. Looks good though!
  3. chicks are me
    you might want to get more chickens or a heater because chickens get really cold in the winter. but that is a really good coop and your chickens are beautiful!
  4. MissKat
    Very good job!!!!!
  5. benwantegg
    The roost is the pieces of lumbers by the nest boxes, they are using it but they still sleep in 2 of the boxes and use the 2 others for laying. Any sugestions to get them to sleep on the roost?
    Im using a regular 60w bulb hooked up on a regular light socket under the flower pot. Im using an extension cord, i have been told by electrician that it was safe but not up to code of course!
  6. MLWoods
    Great job! Great English too :) I love the idea of the flower pot upside down with a lamp under to keep the water from freezing. What type of lamp/light did you use? Did you run electricity or are you using an extension cord?
    Thanks for sharing!
  7. farmer9989
    I think you did great on your English.
    Better than some that have used English all there live.
    And the coop also.
    Coop look great .A little paint It will be just the thing.
    As for storing feed under it ,It will need to be in something like a tin can or container so that it stays dry and mice,ground squirrel can't get to it .
    They will need a roost for them to sleep on or they will use there nest box and poop in them .

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