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By dwolfwmn · Mar 17, 2014 · ·
  1. dwolfwmn
    We are wanting to build a coop/hutch/run to accommodate Guineas in the spring/summer and rabbits in the fall/winter. We all ready have a chicken coop/run with 30+ chickens for egg/meat production and we are wanting to increase our meat production for freezer stocking. Has anyone ever built such a coop/hutch combination or more of a convertible housing unit? We are wondering what we need to do or looking for plans so that both breeds are comfortable & healthy while they are growing. Space is limited, that is why we are looking at duel purpose housing.

    Thank you for all responses!!

    Debbie in Montana (summers are getting hotter & winters are getting colder!)

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  1. dwolfwmn
    We raised 4 Guineas this past season, with 2 rooster guineas already used in a fantastic baked cream sauce recipe. The 2 hens are still with the chicken hens. I appreciate your input....I was having a hard time getting it put together in my head. Our Chicken Shack is 8x12 with 4x8 being food/supply storage. It is made out of recycled pallets and other reused material with a 10x12 run plus the 8x12 space under the shack. So I know I can build something, just not getting the diagram on paper right now.
  2. Trefoil
    Because the two utilize different levels, it may even be possible for them to cohabitate. If you raised the coop off the ground, the guineas could live in the coop and with part of it enclosed, the rabbits could live under it. As long as it wasn't over populated I think they could share the run. Or they could occupy it at different times. By the time you make a run predator proof for the guineas, it will hold rabbits safely as well. Guineas appreciate having roosts in their run and unless its really cold may roost there at night, may just use the coop to lay in and get out of weather. In order to get along guineas require much more space than chickens. I think what you plan would work with very little change to a good guinea pen. Good luck.

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