Converted Lawnmower Shed And New Chicken Yard Area

By mizjones · Feb 6, 2017 · ·
  1. mizjones
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    We took an old lawnmower shed, tore out everything except the studs and inside walls, and made it into a coop. It measures 10 x 12 ft., is fully insulated and has two small solar fans at either end for continuous ventilation. Exterior siding is fake barn finish that we color washed with several layers of watered down paint to get an aged barn wood look. Tin roof was made with new and used roofing. Doors were custom built using recycled wood. Husband built this on the weekends and it took a long time--he's a master carpenter as well as a perfectionist. Every square inch is protected against predators, including hardware cloth buried 10 inches into the ground on all sides.


    Standing in the doorway and looking towards the back, I wanted a whimsical, cheery paint scheme so I did a tree, flower pots, pink curtains and fun colors except where the nesting boxes are (on right). Those we wanted dark and private. Far section is the separate pullet room with it's own little door for them to use (far left lower corner). Window is screened and closes for cold weather. One of the solar fans is visible above window (it's the small circle-looking thing above window).

    Another view of wall to the left. Two chicken doors on this wall: one for the adults, a separate one for the pullets to go in and out of.

    View of the new chicken yard which is attached to the coop: measures 16 x 48 ft. and is covered with chicken wire top and sides, hardware cloth sunk 10 inches below on all sides. Also has two outer gates and one inner gate to the separate pullet yard (8' by 16'). Pressure treated posts, 2 x 6 and 2 x 4 boards make up the structure. Dog house is for the chickens also--the dogs don't want it.
    Note: This area was originally part of a puppy mill. There was a sadness in the air when we first began dismantling the kennels, wire cages, and cables that restricted the many victims that were kept here before we bought the place in 2015. My husband and I are both avid animal lovers and we were eager to change "the air" by bringing life and peace back to it. We plan to keep working to improve our little farm until Jesus comes back. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Farmgal101
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    what a great idea!I love the painting idea!


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  1. Dharmachick
    I LOVE this!!
  2. med1pilot
    I can't think of a better replacement for a puppy mill than a chicken coop as cheerful as this one. You have some lucky chickens.
  3. mizjones
    Thanks. Amazing husband did all the hard stuff.
  4. dewtattoo
    I like the whimsical painting. The tree is very clever :)
  5. N F C
    Your coop looks good, I like your painting!
  6. penny1960
    More power to you there good for you

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