Welcome To My Page!

My name is Nicki (coonhoundmama87). My husband of almost 5 years and I both grew up in the country. I on a veal and horse farm and he on a hobby farm with animal rehab his father did. When we had the opportunity to move onto the farm he grew up on we jumped! We've been out here for about 3 years now. We only have a few acres but the rest of the land around us is mostly owned by my in-laws. We've put a lot of time and effort into getting the place up and running again. There's been a lot accomplished but also a long list of to-do's yet! We do things the way we were raised but we also make things up as we go along. We are young so we are still learning.

We started with a few chickens. Then we got some american black belly barbados sheep (what his dad raised). Then some ducks. Then some geese. More dogs (we had a rat terrier, added a few coonhounds). More cats (some where still here). And so on and so on... We free range the majority of our birds. I do have ducks that stay penned and also my geese stay penned. They used to free range but the constantly picked on the baby muscovies that free range. We have mostly mixed breed chickens. We let everything do it's thing, I like to say. I try not to interfere as much as possible. However, my animals are friendly and not "wild". We sell the birds we don't want (mainly roosters) at a local swap/sale every spring and fall. We don't make nearly as much as we spend on feed but that's fine by us! We also butcher what we want for ourselves. I have pets/favorites that I will keep forever but there is nothing like eatting some good farm raised meat!

Our current animals: American Black Belly Barbados Sheep, chickens of various breeds and mixes including a personal favorite of ours turkens, toulouse geese, muscovy ducks, khaki/buff cross hens, a rouen drake, saxony drakes (hoping to get hens in spring), mixed breed turkeys, dutch rabbits, new zealand rabbits, coonhounds, a rat terrier, a basset hound, and cats, lots of cats!

I am hoping to get some guinea fowl again in the spring (I had a flock but what the road didn't kill the fox did). We also occasionally raise a pig for ourselves to butcher.














This is Stubbsy my one footed chicken. She's from a batch of laying hens I ordered as chicks. When we were transferring them from the shipping box we noticed her foot hanging by a peice of skin, bone completely broken. We decided to clip the skin and see if she would make it through the night. That was about two and a half years ago. You can't quite see the stubb in this picture. She hops mostly but will use the stub for speed and balance. It healed over and is hardened. Occasionally in the winter it will get dry and crack so I keep an eye out for that. She's a very happy chicken and usually will come when called. She even has a boyfriend :) One of the free range roosters always flys in by her every day. He has other hens he could be with but he likes Stubbsy. This chicken taught me to never give up on an animal even when it looks hopeless!