Spent more time today on the coop. It's been raining alot recently and has disrupted working on it. Managed to get three walls up before we had to call it quits for now. I was really hoping for all four walls. As you can see, the entry door is to the left and off to the right is a window with a large cleanout door under it. You can also see the drop in the floor level, though my plans for the roost poop have changed. Still handy to have.

One of my helpers up and collapsed we were working so hard.

Here's a close shot of the deeper section where the roosts will go. Granted, I have another plan for roost poo management, but it's still good to have it deeper over there.

A shot looking at the door. I've got to frame up a door jamb out of the rough sawn poplar I have on hand.

Other side of the coop where the plum tree is. You can see the open section at middle/bottom, this is for the cleanout door. Above that will be a window of around the same size.

Here is a shot of the California wall style of framing corners. I used warped 2x4's on the inside so I just stuck a shim in to hold them apart. A 2x4 butts flush against this and can be nailed in on both the right and left, giving more strength. I chose this method because of the higher winds in the area. Gives more strength to the corners.

This is the cleanout door opening. I'll finish it off with some poplar.

Still wish I could have gotten more done.. I'm most likely taking a day off work next week to do more to it.