These are the plans which I laid out when I started working out just what I wanted to do. Several small things have changed, but the base is still there.
My plan is for a 10' by 8' coop, set on 4x6 skids resting against cinder block to level them up. This will allow for ample room inside for storage or whatnot.

The roof will be a 40 degree pitch or so, having gable dormers on both sides to give both ventilation as well as window seats for those birds which may feel like perching high.

A 3 foot section of the back floor will be under cut by 2 inches to allow for a deeper litter area in which will be used for roost space. Along this back wall will also be a thin "clean out" door which can be opened at floor level and litter may be swept directly outside of. The floor itself will be vinyl covered to make cleanup easier.

Walls will be 7' high. Back rafters will have collar ties set at 12" from peak with a shelf tying the walls together at 6' height and used for storage. Front rafters will have ceiling joists set at 7' and will be shelved as well.. Coverings will be required to prevent roosting.

The run will be made up of pressure treated 2x material nailed to the ground to prevent base movement via aluminum nails. The run will be covered to 3' high by hardware cloth with the remaining side and top covered with chicken wire. A chicken wire skirt will also be buried at least 16" out along the ground.

Now, as far as what has changed....

The 8x10 base was not built on skids. Instead I chose to use deck blocks and to level the coop up on these. I can still move the coop at a later date, it would just take jacking it up first.
The roof is going to be a 12/12 pitch with a 4' rise to the peak. Instead of a dormer on both sides, only one side will have a dormer and above that at the peak will be a copula, complete with rooster weather vane.
The back 3' floor is still sunk down 2", but the cleanout door is much larger than just a slit. I figured I'd make it easy to use a flat shovel from the outside to clean things up.
The walls where actually framed out at 7 1/2' high. This way the 4x8 sheeting fits right up to the top of the wall and covers the main floor joists with no cutting.
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