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By itlog · Feb 4, 2014 ·
  1. itlog
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    This is the short version of a long story.

    I told my DH I was gonna buy chicks. And I did.

    I told him if he didn't build me a coop I would make one myself. And I did.
    I told him I needed a stronger coop for our Chicago winter and if he didn't make me one soon I would be using his power tools. Wow that got his attention! My DH is a perfectionist so I knew my amateur work would bug him, and it did!


    He sketched and sketched and I regurgitated all the info I gathered from BYC. I strategically flashed him photos from my collection of coop envy via email, text, Facebook, etc. Well the brainwashing worked. The result was the transformation of an unused playhouse into the now Chicago Chick Inn!

    Coop completed November 2013.

    I will let the photos do the talkin'. Dimensions are toward the end. Enjoy!






    The entire structure is 9ft x 3ft. The enclosed portion is 3ft x3ft. Not including the external egg boxes which measures 24" long x12" deep, 12" tall. The egg box has a divider. The highest peak of the run and coop is 7.5ft. The chicken door opens with a pulley cord. The roof has two vents. The windows both open for additional ventilation. The run and windows are covered in 1/2 inch 19gauge hardware cloth. The entire structure has a surrounding 18inch hardware cloth apron screwed into the base to deter digging predators.

    Plans for Spring: Paint job or sealant, more vents up high, and a fence to separate chicken yard from people yard, and maybe another coop and more chickens?! I know I'm pushing it.

    Three Bantam Easter Egger chickens. As you can see they are rather entitled, but they bring us joy and yummy eggs so I guess they pay the rent.


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  1. chicken-herder
    Great coop! And your chicks are adorable- so right about the room service!
  2. featherweightmn
    Cool windows!!!!!
  3. itlog
    Thanks for all the compliments... the spoon handle was actually from our first condo kitchen cabinets when we just got married :) The other window has a fork handle. The windows were yard sale finds- never used Pella windows - nicer than my own home.
  4. joan1708
    Your husband built you a Great coop! Some very nice touches too, like the spoon handle.
  5. itlog
    Thanks for the suggestion... Funny cuz I just bought my first bag of PDZ last week. Really makes a difference. We are really enjoying our flock of three:)
  6. Brookliner
    The only suggestion I can make is to use PDZ in your tray under the roost. You can scoop it with a kitty litter scoop. You don't need to change it. It absorbers ammonia so there will be no smell in your coop. Love the coop and your chickens...I have bantams too.
  7. desertegg
    Very nice. I love how tall and skinny it is!

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