Coop de Bill
mall farm yard by most standards, the "1/2 Dozen Gang" is the resident Tick Control Patrol for our New England 2 acres.A s
Coop de Bill was "established" Easter 2006, and has now grown to 8: 2 Bards, 3 RI Reds, 2 NH Reds, 1 Buff Orpington.
We found your wonderful informative site the the hunt and peck method.
Also, show and breed Shelties, kept separate from the "1/2 Dozen Gang".


Coop de Bill [circa 2008]

Coop de Bill [circa 2008]

Keeper of the Flock?

Wayfarer Shelties, and now home of new American Champion WAYFARER BLACK POWDER, "Flintie".
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