Coop de' Cluck

  1. Sherryalaska
    X 6' with a 6 foot run. I've added a second open air run to the other side. [​IMG]
    Our coop was built in May for Alaska, insulated and wired with a snowload roof. It was built for us from a playhouse design - we prettied it up. It's 8'
    We run a B&B and the coop is visible from one of the guestrooms - had to be cute. My husband and I are both enjoy our young hens - new surprises every day. We anticipated predators; we have goshawks and foxes as well as neighborhood dogs including our own. However, I was surprised by a report of a blackie and her cub a few blocks away - maybe an electric fence after all.

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  1. joan1708
    When you say Alaska, I think bears! I bet you get that electric fence sooner rather than later. The Coop is very cute! I'll also bet your B&B is cute too!
  2. CarolinaHens
    Love this. It looks like a little guest house.
  3. gkleing3
    Very pretty coop!

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