Hi, my name is Morgan. This is me and Nugget with our first egg, and this is our story....
You see, my mom thinks she's a farm girl, only we live in the city. And she grew up in Los the city. Somewhere Mom read about having backyard chickens, and so excited about this prospect that she looked up our RCW's (city ordinances) to see if it were really true that we could have chickens in the city. Yesiree! The City of Richland says chickens is "companion animals" and we can have up 5 of them companion animals.
And so it was..the start of a one small venture gone CRAZY!

<----- the old basement window
This is Gary, Mom's significant other. He's the one who got roped into constructing the condo after Mom excitedly presented him with an old basement window. "Look what I found", she said. "We can use it as a chicken coup door!" And so the cornerstone of this project was an old window. Sure, Gary looks enthusiastic now. But you should see how that all changed a year later when Mom brought home number 12 and Gary had to build on a room addition.