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By Pescadoman66 · May 12, 2014 · Updated May 12, 2014 ·
  1. Pescadoman66
    Well, I just felt that I was not quite done and had a bit of free time on Sunday after spending all day out with the wife and kids on Mothers Day. She made the mistake by saying you need to put something over the door to cover it from the elements. So when I got home I went right at it. Later on she said I didn't think it would take you all day to do it, really when it only took me a little over 3 hours to build it from scratch and install it. Guess I just better do it on another day other than Mothers day. Oh well I think it came out nice and it does provide a bit of covering over the door.


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  1. lwiese58
    Mercy! How nice it all is!
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Awesome! Love the window on the door!:)
  3. Pescadoman66
    Thank you, it has been kind of an obsession.
  4. CrazyChookLady5

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