Medford Meadows
Our Urban Farm
By Anna & Guy Sutherlin
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My first attempt at a coop They like the bugs The leader of our pack "Pig Pen"
25445_012.jpg 25445_014.jpg 25445_009.jpg
Mom's favorite "Andromeda" The gabby ones "Thelma & Louise" "Pig Pen's" queen "Mutton Chops"

25445_new_eggs.jpg 25445_fred_ethyl.jpg 25445_stardust.jpg
Andromeda & Louise first eggs Fred & Ethyl Our newest babies "Stardust"
25445_woodstock.jpg 25445_clover.jpg 25445_crimson.jpg
"Woodstock" "Clover" "Crimson"
25445_004.jpg 25445_001.jpg 25445_marlesguyinsnow.jpg
Dad's favorite "Chiquita" "Lucy" at her first pageant "Marley" and me playing in the snow
25445_p5060007.jpg 25445_summer08.jpg 25445_christmas08.jpg
"Darla" We like flowers Suprise on Christmas Eve
The loudest, most obnoxious parrot on the planet.
25445_abudabiocean.jpg 25445_003_-_copy.jpg
Beautiful day on the Oregon coast Nest of baby Blackbirds we found in our roses