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By slawson · Apr 6, 2012 · ·
  1. slawson
    [​IMG]Describe 'coop du jour' here
    My husband and I designed this after viewing so many great coops on BYC website. It measures 4x6, it's approx 8 ft tall, has 3 nesting boxes, storage and wheels for easy moving! We and more importantly the girls love it!

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  1. judyki2004
    Very cool coop! Nice! i would like to see a pic of the interior :O)
  2. PEI chicken
  3. slawson
    to PEI chicken; we have problems with night predators so we have a closed hard wired run 5x10 ft which butts up to the coop chicken door, then after 8:00 am I let them out into the soft fenced area which provides some free ranging space, with ~200 ft of fence.
  4. PEI chicken
    I love the design and especially the wheels for portability. Do you attach the wire run (shown in background) somehow, and do you move it when you move the main part of the coop?
  5. slawson
    No leaking from the nesting box and storage box because it has rubber flashing under the siding and hinges and it also has a termination strip holding it all down. It has an insulated ceiling, vinyl flooring, 2 roosting bars, 3 nesting boxes and a hanging feeder. The windows were from the local do it center, 1 window is a basement window and there are 2 vent windows for glass block tile (which works quite nicely). It can be moved with two people easily.... it has 4 wheels, the front end set are swivel casters wheels and the rear are larger utility trailer wheels. the girls seems to really enjoy it! thanks for all your awesome comments!
  6. ysglass
    NICE! Just beautiful.
  7. Elise Ilona
    BTW - I see you have a tractor mower pulling it. Can you and your husband move it without a vehicle?
  8. Elise Ilona
    Gorgeous. You and your husband could have a part time business!!!
  9. Bogtown Chick
  10. joan1708
    very clean, professional and good looking. Looks like an original design. What does the inside look like? Has it rained yet? No leaking from the nest box hinge? Did you make the vent windows? How many chickens are you going to have in there?

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