Coop d'ville

By zinniaseeds · May 13, 2014 · Updated May 13, 2014 · ·
  1. zinniaseeds
    Coop d'ville still needs trim and the nest box finished. There will be an angled porch roof over the nest box. The nest box looks deep but it is insulated. The whole coop is insulated. After our brutal winter, we decided we needed to. This coop is 4 x 8 feet. We have 8 babies who are six weeks old. Tonight is their first night out of the house. The doors are all on. The hasps are locked. The windows cracked for ventilation. We need more vents, for cross breeze, and we need to build the run. There is 1/2 inch plywood with one inch thick insulation and T1-11 siding. I painted it to match a 14x20 tool shed we have. Dark green trim is on the corners and around the doors. I put white vinyl on the floor and painted the inside with semi gloss white exterior paint. Our chicks turned 6 weeks old today.

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  1. featherweightmn
    Love the design!!!!!!
  2. LexChix
    Very nice. I am building one now from an old play structure, and I started with double-walled and insulated, but I was worried about running out of time. Our babies are two weeks now. Will you have nesting boxes on two sides? Thanks!

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