Homestead Coop Interior

We have a 10' x 12' shed in which we are housing our coop and a storage area. It is still in progress; we have a few weeks before winter to insulate it and nail up OSB on the walls. Once that is done, we'll hang nest boxes and put in a proper roost. This roost is actually the frame of the toddler bed my son recently grew out of; the side rails are protecting the windowsills from being sat (and consequently pooped) upon. The rails are a bit too narrow for our big solid hens, now that they are mature so we'll build a new one once the walls are done.


We will put chicken wire up on top of the rafters to keep the hens from roosting on them, as they have been happily sleeping up there and pooping on their water bucket and feeders. We are hoping that the wire will allow for plenty of ventilation via the soffit vents and peak vents; if it proves too cold in the coop we'll drop the ceiling down to rest on top of the ceiling joists.

The storage area is our main entrance; we have shelves to install in there to hold our chicken supplies as well as our gardening equipment, since the vegetable garden and the beginnings of an orchard are right next to the chicken area. By shifting their fence by season, the chickens should help fertilize the soil while not having access to destroy the plants in season.