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By featherweightmn · May 4, 2013 · Updated Apr 16, 2014 · ·
  1. featherweightmn
    **Updated page -click on link** Wow, we love seeing all the homemade coops on this site -but, we opted to buy one already made. Just didn't have the time, or patience to make one. Also, we wanted a "good quality" coop that would last through the ages. So, thankfully we bought one made by the Amish(or Mennonite society -not sure which) community. We were so impressed by the attention to detail and craftsmanship! For $900 (or so) dollars total we were able to get extras like windows, a run, tin roof(or tile if desired) in any paint color -or stain for the same price!
    (we added the flower boxes) -from Big Lots! LOL! The Lanterns came from Hobby Lobby(each one with a 40 percent off coupon -so we bought one a month!

    Though the coop was ready-made, however, we didn't let that deter us from bringing our "bling" factor! Below is a picture of the the coop as we started to step up the bling. I knew for my end of things bland walls wouldn't do -so we painted the inside walls beige and painted the top rafters Red for a splash of color, then added a Mirror(from the dollar store form 5 bucks!) Our Girls are somewhat vain -so we figured they needed to see how they looked prior to walking the red runway tom the great outdoors into the run! Also added wall sconces -no candles of course!
    Still blinging on a budget! LOL!

    Then, we started deciding how to actually care for the chickens and what would be most practical. First on the list was bedding. Hay and straw(and certain types of shavings) can cause crop impaction and/or slowdown. Litter could create an issue as well. So after much research we found that sand was a good practical way of keeping moisture down, the grit within the sand was good for the digestion of food and is fairly easy to maintain. So, since we had extra hardwood flooring panels, we used the extra panels to place on the sub-floor of the coop. We then added tarp to protect the hardwood and added the sand on top of the tarp for daily clean-up. And for quarterly cleanings -we can lift the tarp with all the sand and sweep the residual. So, below is a picture of the hardwood floor panels(left over from a previous project) then we placed a tarp over the floor -then added sand. That sand makes cleanup really easy and fast! Sand/flooring 30 bucks approx. . . .

    Afterward, we thought about the nest boxes and what to do regarding "the girls" wanting to use them for sleeping areas -vs. actual nesting. So, we found that nest-box curtains would help with this -and, the research we found was true -after placing the nest-box curtains ,our "Girls" started roosting!

    Along the way as we were putting thins in order we wanted window curtains to help with the bling factor -but, also, give our girls some privacy -but still allow for some natural light on those rainy days. So, Wally-world came through with some really nice curtains on clearance. Bling on a budget I say!

    To finish up -Coop Kenji wouldn't be complete without lighting -but we haven't done the electrical yet! But, we found a really good deal on a chandelier on Amazon for 25 bucks! So up she went! I think The Girls approve! Also a nice tree branch was added to bring in some nature! Afterall -it's just a coop right??

    Last, we are going to add an addition of tin-look panels(really styro-foam) found on E-Bay -to be attached to the ceiling -(at a fraction of the cost of the real tin ones) With all the time we saved -not making the coop-it really gave us more time to "bring the bling!" Notice the little red stool on the right -just the perfect touch to spend time with "The Girls" !

    We love our "girls" and hope they all end up being girls and not roosters! LOL!
    Time to let "The Girls" enjoy the new digs!! Will update soon with a pic of the ceiling remodel . . .


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    "Pretty Coop"
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    Very pretty, I like how you personalized the coop!
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    "Fancy coop!"
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    This is a great setup and not to mention fancy for the birds! The sand/dust was a great idea also!


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  1. N F C
    Pretty fancy! It's fun seeing someone enjoy their poultry adventures so much :)
  2. featherweightmn
  3. featherweightmn
    Thank you check out the link above-in the first paragraph or the hyperlink below for the latest updates to our coop. Decorating has been a joy!! LOL
  4. lwiese58
    Oh so cute!
  5. featherweightmn
    Thanks for all the compliments!
  6. LSzajko
    Love it!
  7. Ellaluvsbirds
    great job on the coop
  8. Stumpy
  9. Twoodz
    Very nice coop!
  10. miquwid
    Geat Coop I love it!

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