What began as a search for a small pre-fab coop for 8 chickens turned into a labor intensive build that should last for years...and maybe more chickens😉. After researching price and availability, or lack thereof due to covid, we decided to build our own coop and run while the Spring chicks grew in our laundry room. Little did we realize how much the heat, lumber shortage and mistakes would set us back, but finally, after several months we finished enough to get the girls in two days after the first one started to lay. We had had to move them into our grandchildren’s playhouse...the laundryroom was getting really smelly. We purchased 10x12 shed plans from country life projects and other than the mistakes we made by not reading thoroughly, are extremely happy with how it turned out. We made our own front doors, added some windows and vents and a solar automatic chicken door,(the cats meow) plus a small storage area inside. We wrapped the run in hardware cloth. The girls like to free range and did all day until this Fall when a fox grabbed one, so now they only get a few hours under careful watch.