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Coop Run Pg 2

By FisherMOM, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. FisherMOM
    Coop and Run Construction...Page 2

    Top top boards are nailed in now...
    ready to add some chicken wire and hardware cloth! The hardware cloth is going to be around the sides, followed by chicken wire over the top. I also added 2 boards down the middle on the top to tack together the chicken wire; other wise it would not have been stable. The "moving around" height in the pen is about 36 inches. Since we finished, my husband has finally agreed with me that MAYBE next year we can make it taller. It would be nice if I could walk in the run rather than creep like a crab. :) That way too, I can make higher roosts for the chickens.


    Side angle... and busy body ducks.
    Ooops..... sags a bit. oh well!


    My husband and my daughter....


    Hubby getting ready to cut doors for chickens to go to the run.
    Looks like I need to find a new place for my fishing rods!


    Poof... first door


    Here is the 2nd door.
    He attached a big eyelet to the door,
    then attached some cabled and ran it through
    holes into the coop so that we can open them from inside.

    It works OK... but definitely needs tweaking, so for now, they stay propped open and I lock them up using a board inside each night. By this winter we will get it working so that we can close them, seeing as these doors face the west where the wind generally comes from.



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