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After having a 'chicken/rooster' motif in my kitchen for a few years, I visited the "LIVE" poultry exhibit at the National Western Stock Show in early 2002. I finally got up the nerve to ask the rep from the Colorado Poultry Association "Do people ever keep chickens as PETS?". Smiling warmly as only chicken-lovers do, she replied "Absolutely!", and so my journey began. I spent the next year reading and researching as much as I could about flock management and all the different breeds, so I wouldn't be jumping in with blinders on. After an illness that laid me up that winter and culminated in surgery in April 2003, my "Chicken Therapy" (or "Mid-Life Crisis" as my Mom terms it!) began in earnest. The coop was built, and in June, 2003, my first chicks arrived - 11 beautiful little Silkie chicks!
Over the years, I have raised Silkies, Faverolles, Polish, Ameraucanas and D'uccles (all Bantams). In 2006, I got my first pair of Columbian Cochins, and I fell in love with the Cochin breed. Bantam Cochins are the only breed I raise now. While I have yet to enter my birds in any shows (yes - it's on my Bucket List!), I strive to breed to the ABA Standard of Perfection, for both Shape ('type') and correct Plumage for the different color varieties I raise.
I am a member of the American Bantam Association, Cochins International, and Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers. My flock was last tested and NPIP certified in April, 2011.

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I am a proud member and supporter of Cochins International. Cochins Rule!


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