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By CoopChick719 · Oct 26, 2012 · Updated Dec 20, 2012 · ·
  1. CoopChick719
    I wanted to convert an old doghouse into a coop for 2 or 3 hens. Hubby found a coop on Craigslist with feeders, waterers, heat lamps and a heated base for the waterer for $400. Could not pass up that deal!!

    Had to put on some new trim and dig a trench for the electrical.

    We added the run which has a welded wire roof plus the tarp, an apron on all four sides, and wire 3ft. up the sides.

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  1. itsthelaw37801
    How did you move the coop? We see them on craigslist, but didn't think they would fit on the trailer without taking it apart.

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