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By CoopDelisle · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. CoopDelisle
    This is the beginning of our new family home!
    Coop DeLisle...
    This all started because of all the bugs in the yard that destroyed last year's garden. After searching the web, we found and got hooked, which was not that hard as we love animals. The platform was an old wooden screen room project that never got finished. We were about to burn, but then we got the idea to use it as the base of what you see now.
    As the building started to come together, and the more we read from ones who were sharing their experiences, we realized the coop was too small for how many chickens we were getting, so we had to add on to the back. This made the coop 11ft. X 8ft. on the inside. The back section was lowered an extra 2" for extra pine shavings under the roost to help keep it contained there.

    chickschickenscoopflowers036-1.jpg chickschickenscoopflowers004-1.jpg

    The windows and door were some old ones we picked up in our travels. They were cheap and they had been stored in an old barn and were covered with rat droppings and a few chewed up areas. We reworked them and they turned out great. The windows are tall so the coop gets great ventilation when they are open and the chickens can see out.

    roostersandroses014-1.jpg chickschickenscoopflowers040-1.jpg

    We sprayed the inside with gloss paint for ease of cleaning and installed low cost vinyl flooring for cleaning. We also used plastic shoe molding along the edges because it cleans up quicker.

    Next we added steps and the run.
    For the run we used landscape timbers because they are only about $2.00 a post. Plus we kept the walls at 6ft. so that the hardware cloth was the 36" wide and this also kept the price down. We did cover part of the run with tin so the babies will have shade:cool:

    chickschickenscoopflowers089-1.jpg chickschickenscoopflowers145-1.jpg

    Then we made a private entrance for them
    so as to enter the run..:D

    chickschickenscoopflowers066-1.jpg chickschickenscoopflowers069-1.jpg [/CENTER]

    Finally, we finished it with some paint and added lattice to keep other animals from going under the coop. Then we built the nesting box off the side so as not to take up space in the main part of the coop.

    roostersandroses034-1.jpg roostersandroses021-1.jpg roostersandroses020-1.jpg roostersandroses018-1.jpg roostersandroses028-1.jpg
    After all this we are greeted every morning with a friendly bok!!!
    Now we are just waiting for our return of fresh eggs


    Our future plans are to get power and water to the coop, this will be the last of the work for now to

    Coop DeLisle!!!

    PS...DeLisle is the name of the community in which we live....

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  1. Jackandjillslittlecoop
    "Very Classy"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    Very Nice!
  2. ronott1
    "Nice coop!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    More build information is needed


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  1. Hogs and Horns
    Congratulations on being Coop Picture of the Week! They chose wisely. Sorry to read about Pudge and your loss. He sure was a beautiful fellow. We just started coop construction, and hope to incorporate some of your ideas. Thank you for posting photos and information about your lovely coop.
  2. Cleo2019
    You have a great looking coop. I love how you used the glass doors and the screening so the coop is open and have a lot of ventilation and it is very nice looking at that. Thanks for posting :)
  3. Brookliner
    Beautiful well designed coop...please add some hardware cloth behind the lattice to keep rats and snakes from nesting under your coop.
  4. Lawnjocky
    Excellent work
  5. Acornewell
    Love it! Its perfect! Id live there!
  6. teasedbeauty
    Beautiful !!! I can wait till I have my coop
    Ready. It is taking forever to build! I hope mine will look 1/2 as beautiful as yours
  7. Cluckies
    Very nice, Those ladies have a great place! :)
  8. coffeecluck
    i love it i may have to steal your designe when i make mine.
  9. anniepoo03
    HiDiHo from New York also.......Your coop is absolutely gorgeous! Looks better than my house :( . Good luck with everything and I hope you enjoy your girls to the max :)
  10. whitneyy122
    Amazing! I hope to update mine a bit in the future... thanks for sharing!
  11. N F C
    Beautiful coop, especially like the large windows. Good job!
  12. Shabana
    Lovely coop ! What lucky girls
    Congratulations on being selected - well deserved !!
  13. mamm7215
    Awesome coop! And I thought mine had a chicken condo! One thought though, might want to add some very strong hardware cloth behind that lattice and dug about 12 inches into the ground on an angle. It is really scarey what predators are capable of, especially when you are away.
  14. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  15. chickengoatmama
    Do you have plans for this coop?
  16. featherweightmn
    Gorgeous coop! Love the idea for the run too!
  17. vintagegem
    A truly gorgeous coop and run, I'm so envious! I bet your chickens are really happy :-}
  18. CoopDelisle
    Thanks Tambo! We are trying our hand at a little Check it out if you like..
  19. Tambo26
    I <3 your coop!! So adorable!
  20. Greasydog26
    Your windows are really nice!!! I bet they love 'em!!!
  21. CoopDelisle
    Thanks everyone for your Kind comments. We love our coop and everyday we get about 16 eggs. We haven't been on the site for some time. So we will try to post some new Pics., soon.
  22. Caperose
    We just started building our coop today. We are using your design as our inspiration and just hope we can come near yours. Thanks for all the great ideas.
  23. Patsy2757
    Your coop is just the cutest ever! Hope you don't mind if I steel a few of your design ideas!
  24. bcmom
    Hello from Georgia. I really like your design! Do you have any copies of it?
  25. nanabear37
    Love the openess of this. Lots of light and ventilation. Getting ready to build a much larger second coop and run and will keep this tucked in my head for later use. Thank you for posting.
  26. Pam Espinoza
    Good Morning
    I just recently retired in California and have moved to Wyoming. While my home is being built here, I find myslef looking at chicken coop designs as one of my dreams is to have some backyard chickens. Anyway--I really like you coop. Are there designs for you coop? Would love to obtain a copy. Any guidance you can give will be greatly appreciated

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