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By Coopedup:p · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Coopedup:p
    hi everyone. I have had chickens before about 5 years ago then i was ten or so, but now i have new White Cochin Bantams and they
    are the sweetest things in the world! they love to eat fruit that i put in their coop. but they can be loud!
    i like to edit photos and make headers and stuff like that. just like the one above! those are my chickens, i got bored and took some pix :)
    I need ideas for new chicken coops and stuff cause i always like to build or draw stuff, it gets me into trouble but it keeps me busy.
    i will always bee making more headers and stuff so if you want me to make one i can! haha.
    I also need ideas for selling chicks, i dont have enough room for a lot of chickens.
    But im making a large holder for the chicks.

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