My ghetto coops.....

*Note: links to my breeder barn and layers coop pages are here:
Layers coop
Breeder Barn Pens

Nellabean Brooders - Broody coop

Now these aren't the prettiest, but they are functional! First is "The Red Coop." It is 6x8. I built this entirely myself (except for the metal roof), from salvaged lumber. There is ventilation on 3 sides at the top. This is before painting ....

Pop door (closed here) and ramp, and upper vent.

This is it after painting:

This is where it sets, beside the 30' x 13' breeder barn.
It is that small (5 foot tall) 8' x 6' building on the right.

This is just a rabbit hutch style coop. I built this in just a few hours. It is 8x3.

Here is the location of this coop:

One "Ghetto Coop." It is 4' x 8'. Made in a day from my junk pile....
attached to the layer's coop.

Another coop .... I think it is 6 x 8 or close to it....

And, yet another ghetto coop 8x8:

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