Costa Ricas finest flock

By el pollo rey · May 11, 2013 · ·
  1. el pollo rey

    Describe 'Costa Ricas finest flock' here WE have been importing various breeds of birds to Costa Rica for the last few years in a attempt to breed a hybrid layer at a low price to family's with limited resources to provide dietary protein at minimum cost or project has seen pure new Hampshire from various stock in Ohio also we have light Sussex German new Hampshire silver laced wyandotes and a few bantys we enjoy or birds and treat them like spoiled kids so far we have created what we call the Costa Rica comet a hybrid sex link layer that has provided eggs to countless underprivileged family's here they start laying at 19 weeks and have a cycle of about 70 weeks before first molt . This is biker banty

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  1. el pollo rey
    Biker Banty

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