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By Cottage Rose · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Cottage Rose name is Vicky Thompson (AKA CottageRose) . [​IMG]
    I live in mid-west Michigan and I've been raising livestock for many years.
    In 2005 I added Muscovy Ducks & Sebastopol Geese.
    I've fallen in love with my Sebastopols and thoroughly enjoy my Muscovies.
    I hope you'll visit my website where I have a raising waterfowl tip page,
    helpful information on Sebastopol Geese, Muscovy Ducks and lots of photos and links.
    I raise white, saddleback, grey, lilac, buff and lavender Sebastopol Geese.
    My Website:
    New (Sept. 2010) Sebastopol Specialty Forum.
    Everybody is welcome...including beginners!
    Cottage Rose Bred Sebastopols - October 2010

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  1. Miss Lydia
    I never get tired of looking at your geese CR they are beautiful actually there isn't a name to describe them except maybe Regal.

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