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By newburt · Apr 28, 2013 · Updated Apr 28, 2013 ·
  1. newburt
    Describe 'country tractor' here I had a friend show me a tractor similar to the ones that I am using now. I like to move my coops daily, but I like a coop to have a balance of shade and sunlight. The coops are right above the run but as long as I move them daily I dont run into any problems with run space. They are 4x8 with a 4x4 or 4x5 coop on top.[​IMG]
    I use 6 inch wheels on all my coops, and automatic watering systems made from various buckets that i have collected at my job. I use 1 nipple per 4 chickens on my watering systems. These are two tractors that i am actually running on my yard right now. You can see my pasture in the background with a tractor running out there with my barred rock rooster in it. In the far distance you can see our barn across the pasture at my dads house. I currently have 5 of these tractors built and I have another half done. Pictured here are my 10 week old red sex link pullets. [​IMG]
    The tractor on the right has my 10 week old Barred Rock, and Buff Orphingtons in it. This picture gives you a better view of the bucket waterers that I made. I used nipples ordered from C Conly poultry online and have been the easiest nipples ive ever used.[​IMG]

    This is my daughter checking on our laying hens. ( barred Rock and Rhode Island Reds)[​IMG]
    Well thank you for looking for looking at my page and I hope you enjoyed it. IF any questions just post and I will reply.

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  1. N F C
    It would be nice to see the inside of one of these set ups.

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