Hi my name is Deidra I am a mother to 3 wonderful children, twin little girls that are 9 years old and a little boy that is 5 years old. My daughter has been diagnosed with Autism. We use the chickens as a form of therapy for her since they seem to make her smile and we get more response from her when she is around them. I am Married to a wonderful man going on 10 years in december. I live out in this little town in the country in Mississippi. We have 3 dogs one that is outside and two inside. We have two chicken coops that are both 10 feet by 8 feet and a run that is 16 feet by 16 feet. We bought a shed from Lowes and converted it into a chicken coop. As of now we own 33 beautiful chickens 2 RIR's, 5 Americaunas, 3 BR, 1 Black sex linked, 1 Aurtholorps, 2 white leghorns, 3 red sex linked, 2 silver spangled hamburgs, 3 mixed breeds, 26 silkies, 1 BB game hen, 1 silver laced Cochrin i hope i spelled that right lol and 1 millie. We are always trying to add to our flock but with money tight it takes us a little while to get chicks or hatching eggs but when we do it makes my daughter smile from ear to ear which brings much joy to my heart.. it will take some time but we look to build a third coop in the future so that it will be filled with more Silkies. We are looking to maybe in the near future to sell our LF chickens so that both coops will be fore just silkies. I plan on breeding the silkies and one day sell there eggs but first they have to get old enough and i have to make sure that they are fertile before i would ever sale any of the eggs. We will be adding more silkie in the next 3 to 4 weeks I have 24+ silkie eggs comming and i will hopefully will be placing thim in the incubator this weekend.

I would love to share a picture of my Children