[FONT=courier new,courier]Hello, I'm countrygranny,I have a regular little zoo goin on,I have peacocks,pheasants,geese,turkeys,ducks,all kinds of chickens,a few goats llamas,My ducks an geese are all ready settin.They have all kinds of eggs under them,I'm gonna be busy when they go to hatchin.My my hens have stopped layin, hopefully they'll start up again soon.[/FONT]

the first picture is my gander he is not friendly at all,2. This is my male peacock,3. this is my tom turkey,4, Turkin rooster,5. The bardrocks my grandaughter won with at the county fair last year.6.Frizzleback pigeon,8. Llamas
Here are 2 of my polish roosters,And One of My silkies


These are my baby shamo chicks,The coon was in a tree in the front yard.I'm sure he was up to no good.And My sweet litle baby nannys.

These are my baby pigeons,They are so ugly when there little.I have pigeon eggs hatching every day.
well It is getting cooler out again,didn't have much luck with hatching much this spring.So i am going to get a incubator.an see what I can hatch with it.My Pheasant would not set on her eggs,I got 3 ducklings out of a all my duck eggs,I still have a Muscovy duck setting so I hope she comes off with a bunch,well Till next Time for stopping Bye.thanks