Our First Coop
When my wife and I decided to start raising a few laying hen, we knew we would need a coop. Neither one of us have ever had chickens, so this was a real new experience for both of us. I looked at alot of coops on BYC, and put some different things I liked all together to make our plan for a coop.
We decided to get the coop and run built and have everything as it should be, before we bought our chickens.
We plan on about 6 or 8 good laying hens.

The coop is 4' by 8'. The walls are 5' in front and 4' in back.
I used some old storm windows, turning them around so I can lift the glass from outside to reveal screen { also going to put hardware cloth inside just in case.}
The windows are on the east and west side so they can get early morning and late evening light.

Also put lift up ventilation windows on the front and back for more air flow.

The coop will be on the south side of my tractor shed to be out of the cold north wind in winter. Also the tractor shed will act as one of the sides of the run which will be approx. 20' by 8' and 7' high.
External nesting box, for more room inside. boxes are 15" wide, 15" high, 16" deep, 12.5" high in back.

The people door will be on the side, so as to clean the coop.
Everything was put together with screws, not one nail in this coop.

Construction starts

The base is 2' off the ground, with a painted 1/2" plywood floor.
The walls are framed out, windows and nest boxes are attached and walls are mounted to the floor,
then the walls are squared up.



Nest boxes are 15" wide, 15" high and 16" deep, 12.5 high in back.

The coop is covered with T1-11 siding and trimmed out with 1" by 3" boards.
The roof is 2' wide sheets of tin on top of 1/2" plywood.

Windows raise up to reveal the screen and also there is a lift up window for ventilation.
Chicken door is 11" by 13".


The people door on the side makes for easy cleaning.

External nest boxes, window and extra lift up ventilation.

Inside, showing roosts and nest boxes.

The run is 8' by 20' and 7' high.
The tractor shed is used for one side of the run.

Finally, got the coop painted, { Barn Red w/ White Trim } almost done !
Now to paint the run.



The run is also painted to make it look complete.



Finally all done !!

All that is left for us to do, is buy our chickens. Can't wait for them eggs !!
I think the girls will like the coop { I hope }.
I'm not a Carpenter by any means, but I think it looks pretty good, for our first attempt at building a coop.

I know we are proud of it.

Our thanks to BYC for all the wonderful coop ideas, and all the great chicken knowledge, we have learned alot.
Thank You​


What I would have done different !!
The only thing I can think of that I would have done different would be..
1. Make the coop alot bigger so we could have more chickens.
2. Also make the run bigger.

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