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Countrywifeandmommas Member Page

  1. countrywifeandmomma
    Howdy y'all! My name is Jess, I live in lovely Oregon on 15 acres with my DH Gary and DS named Wyatt who will be 2 this July, he is my pride and joy and also my lil' cowboy! We have 5 horses, 3 egg layers and my two pilgrim babies "Thomas and Annabelle" who came from Metzer Farms love em' .♥
    I love to go camping with the horses, boating at the lakes and of course riding the dunes! I am a SAHM with my son & I am so thankful my DH let's me stay home with our son. When I get time I like to make primitive crafts, candles, tarts, etc., cook, bake... okay I guess everything a housewive likes to do!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Jessie Ann

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