[FONT=impact,chicago] County Line Chickens[/FONT]

[FONT=impact,chicago]Home of the Danger Chickens[/FONT]
We are five post college dudes living on the fringes of Ames, Iowa. We keep an army of loyal,
well-trained specimens of Gallus gallus domesticus . They are prepared to drop whatever they
are doing perform dangerous acts in the name of freedom. These acts include, but are not
limited to: The annihilation of the insect, fertilization of The People's Lawn, disposal of
County Line Organics garden waste, and production of delicious sustenance via the egg.


Above: A streetwise member of First Recon Platoon surveys safe grazing areas.
Below: Defending precious tomato resources.

Our Pledge:
We, the flock, believe in the importance of local food production and solemnly swear
to defend it, The County Line People's Republic, and our coop;
We believe that a chicken's integrity is reflected in honorable activities and copious production,
and to these ends we sacrifice all but personal happiness;
We believe in the power of group cohesiveness and will strive to maintain it,
to give counsel to those who stray from it, and to emulate those who practice it;
We believe in The Great Leader, whose exertions strengthen our flock
and serve as a model for exemplary citizenry;
We believe that our devotion to The Great Leader shall not

hinder loyalty to our flock, but rather increase devotion to it;
We believe that we are bound through honor to complete our respective tasks,
as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to the happiness of
our flock, our Leader, and the Leader's neighbors.
To the consummation of these convictions, of these ideals, in the eminent excellence of County Line Chickens,
We pledge our lives and our inviolable honor.


Above: The Great Leader inspects recruits and prepares them for basic training.
Below: Chairman of Security discusses countermeasures with Ernesto and Blue, proud flock leaders.

County Line Chickens is an equal opportunity task force. Current member breeds include:
Black Australorp, Blue Andalusian, Buff Orpington, Black Minorca, Black Star, Cuckoo Marans,
Araucana, Dark Brahma, Light Brahma, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Partridge Rock, Rhode Island Red,
Black Giant, Speckled Sussex, Partridge Cochin, New Hampshire Red, Dominique,
and the Martyrs: Cornish X Rock.