Coup de Poup! A CC Only review....

By atomicblue · May 30, 2013 · Updated Jun 1, 2013 · ·
  1. atomicblue
    Like most people, I did it backwards. Chicks first! Coop? Okay...we can use that old shed. My husband nixed that idea in a heartbeat. The shed was low, you couldn't walk in...too much work! My husband saw a CC Only ad in one of the chicken magazines I bought...and we bought. Without checking the web! It's also my first time keeping chickens. Wet behind the ears, making mistakes. It's okay, it's going to work out!

    The dilapidated shed. The interior was spider infested, there were weird stains on the flooring. Thoughts were maybe pesticides, herbicides. No bueno!


    Moving right along. We bought the CC-53 it said it was okay for 8 birds. Realistically, it's about 4 birds. It will 'do' until we get our Green Chicken Coop. Okay, real review:

    But I know what you really want to see is pictures!!

    We fell in love with this super-cute little windmill looking coop online:



    Bare wood, stain is okay. I would stain or paint it! I painted mine.
    The pull out cleaning tray is nice! You do want to add a safety latch to it.

    The interior run is pretty nice. I like the space underneath the coop. Good place for dust baths!
    You can block it off, and keep a sick chicken isolated.


    Nesting boxes are roomy, and well thought out.

    Wood is thin. There was lots of luan. The nest box lid is luan, as is the roof. It's hollow core....enough said. We will be anchoring the coop! It is well designed, well thought out. The wood is about 3/8" thick, and lightweight. Not much heft to it. My husband and I were able to move the coop! It was very easy to put together. Goes together with a screw gun easily.


    [​IMG]My husband is 5' 9" gives you an idea of how big this thing is. Here's my advice, if you live in a fair weather place, such as California, Florida, these coops will work fine! They have no insulation, and are pretty thin. I caulked the heck out of mine, with a paint-able caulk. I primed it, and painted it with two coats of exterior grade paint. It was worth the effort. It withstood a heavy downpour last night.

    If you live in a place with possible harsh Winters, like me, get something that's sturdier, and is insulated. I have 6 Rhode Island Reds, and two Silkies. I didn't know Silkies need warmth in the Winter! I have no beefs with the coop. The company delivered it for $30, and it cost $530. Overall, pretty decent. Not bad, just be aware the wood quality, and heftiness is lacking. We'll turn this coop into a ultimate bunny run in 6 weeks, when our Green Chicken Coop will be ready (I'll review that too!). Feel free to post questions!

    Yes...I painted it to match my house. You do that too, right :)
    I won't lie to ya, it took 5 days to paint it. Whoa! I did a fab job, and am pleased with the outcome.


    And....they're in! First day in the new coop. The Rhode Island Reds were super excited, The Silkies were very unsure, they slipped on the ramp, so we made it so it was less steep.



    The Rhode Island birds found bugs right away. They were very excited to get some worms too! They're 1 month old today. The silkies are gradually getting more interested...


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