1. Johnouthouse
    I am building Chicken Coops and other Structures for animals hopefully designed for low maintenance and predator proof and would like ideas for the Ultimate Organic Free Range Open Air Chicken Coop ideas you've tried sounded great but didn't work and visa-versa here are a couple of examples of my work please comment with likes dislikes keep it respectful please.
    Covered Wagon 3 ft tall x 2 ft wide x 4 ft long 2 nest boxes, fair weather perch, entry gate,free range,organic,mobile
    Chik'n Hut total length 10 ft with run installed
    Hutch with 2 Stalls, cage is 38" Tall x 38"Wide x 6 ft long on legs for benefit of the keeper

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  1. Horizon Structures
    Make sure your predator proof screen is strong enough.
    Might want to have bigger wheels - depends on the weight? Anyway, I think the 2nd one could be made to look like a train. Then you could have a covered wagon and gold rush train.
  2. mom4morecritters
    Like the covered wagon! Have any pics looking into it? How heavy is it? Can wheels be added?
  3. redneck farmer

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