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By cowchipss · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 8, 2012 ·
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    Returning to chicken keeping after an eight year hiatus

    As a child, I raised chickens growing up for fun and eggs (a byproduct of fun [​IMG]) After moving away to college, completing necessary degrees, working, and renting a duplex, I was recently given the opportunity to rent a house with a good sized yard. Within a week of my friend offering me his house for rent, I picked up a local publication that happened to have an article about keeping "backyard" chickens. I immediately began dancing and singing the chicken song. After I'd calmed down, I checked with my friend and soon to be landlord and with his blessing began planning my return to hen heaven. I am keeping my numbers limited (for the time being...). I chose to have one Araucana who turned out to be an Easter Egger [​IMG]. Then I opted for a new breed in a Buff Orpington. The following pictures document acquiring my chicks, building a coop with my friends, and chicken chillin'.

    Glenda a Buff Orpington

    On Cinco de Mayo, Carla Sagan the Araucana ( turned EASTER EGGER [​IMG])

    She was so tuckered out from the excitement of going to her new home.

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