Hey Everyone!!
I guess the proper thing to do is firstly introduce ourselves. My name is Jen and I have been born and raised in New Jersey. For the first 23 years of my life I lived in a busy town called Fort Lee which is where the George Washington Bridge into NYC is located. I lived in a high-rise apartment with my parents. Sure it was nice, but what I really loved was that my parents had/have a house in Peru Vermont that we would go to every weekend and the most part of the summer. I grew up loving animals, namely horses, and loved working on farms. I'm not sure if it was because growing up in Ft Lee was the furthest thing from grass, trees and farms. I also loved sports. Especially skiing, snowboarding, equestrian...oh gee, the list goes on. I was always athletic and open minded to trying new things.

I met my hubby Jason when I was 24. He was my Scuba instructor (hehehehe) and bam, it was love at first sight...so to say. At that point I moved to central/western NJ. Now this was a place in NJ that I loved. It's where equestrians were heavy in population, buffalo roamed, and there was plenty of grass and trees. We married in 2001, had our first miracle of life in 2005 and her name is Payton. At that time we moved to a ranch situated on 5.5 acres. We loved the property and had many hopes for the future with it. In 2008, our second miracle of life came and his name is Cooper. I'm a stay at home mom who certainly has her hands full. Two kids, an inground pool, 5.5 acres of grass that I cut every week and all the other chores that come with owning a house with property.

I think the best thing my husband and I did was getting chickens. We are so happy with our decision and it seems that everyone at the BYC feels the same. We got our 9 hens and 1 roo back in August of 2009. By March of 2010 each girl was producing an egg a day to every other day. At that point it became quite apparent that my husband, myself and our two young children were not going to consume that many eggs. Suddenly we became the favorite relatives and neighbors. And even then we still had an abundance. So we had a print company make up two nice lawn signs for us and low and behold....now we can't keep up with the demand. I kept telling my husband "we need more chickens", but he kept saying no. That tune changed quickly and on Mother's Day 2010 we added 7 more to our brood. They won't be laying for 5 months, but it is nice to have squeeky, little fluff balls in our garage again. Although my minivan is not too happy about it.

So, I can go on and on till my hearts content, but I don't think there would be enough pages in the universe. I hope you enjoy my page and gives you some idea of who we are. We love our family, featherless and feathered and are excited of our future with them all. I'll try to keep this current, but I'm sure I'll fall behind.

I also want to thank our family here at BYC. You guys ROCK!!