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    [FONT=georgia,palatino]Birth of the Henmore Coop

    When you own an appliance repair shop, there are a lot of old appliances laying around. Our "Henmore Coop" was born out of the idea to recycle an old Kenmore box freezer into a little coop and nesting box for our small flock of 3 hens. We propped the lid up with metal hurricane panels. The freezer shelf inside (above what was once the compressor) is the nesting box. We added rustic trim wood and wire mesh in the triangular opening that was created by the roof on both sides. Admittedly, it was a lot of work and mess using the sawzall to cut the opening for the doors on either side. The door next to the nesting box is hinged. There is a guillotine door that allows the girls access to the attached run. It was worth the extra effort and was a great way to recycle lots of otherwise useless materials. Everyone who sees it gets a good laugh. Visit us @ click on Photo Gallery, Our Hens.



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