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By crankster76 · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 29, 2012 · ·
  1. crankster76
    hey, new to the BYC . been raising birds most of my life but just got into the chicken craze about a year ago. I have several birds but my favorite would have to be the silverlaced dots.
    currently there are 10 BO's,10 GIANTS,8 PBR's,10 SLW's,1 RR,2 MUTT's,1 GAME ROO.[​IMG]
    I have several parrot's as well. raised them for years.
    I've been slowly building on my coop and runs. here's what i got so far and it hasnt cost me much of nothin. got all the scrap material give to me. had to buy the hinges. got 35.00 in the whole thing. coop and runs.
    still needs paint ,set into place, and afew other details. more to come

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  1. Lulee61
    This coop is alot like ours My husband made ours out of scap stuff too, keep the pictures coming

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