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Craz E Laid Es Member Page

  1. craz e laid e
    1 (very patient & helpful) husband, 1 teenager (not so helpful) , 2 cats, 3 (large) dogs, 4 horses, and then things get totally out of control . . . 4 Barred Rock, 5 Sex Links, 5 RIR, 3 BO/Americana, 9 adult Ring-Neck Pheasants, 18 young pheasants, 25+ Banty/Banty Cross including 4 new chicks that snuck in with the pheasant eggs (that's what I get for using Bantys to hatch pheasant eggs), and . . . . . 15 eggs in the bator for NYD Hatch. I must really be crazy!!! [​IMG]

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