Crazy Bunch'a Chickens

By MysteryChik · Jul 9, 2016 · Updated Jul 9, 2016 ·
  1. MysteryChik
    We decided we wanted to try our hand at chickens, and built a very nice, open air coop. First we got Granny, with 11 (about 2 week old chicks.) Unfortunately one died soon after and we were only left with 10 [​IMG]. We had NO CLUE what kind they were. After posting several different times on here, and getting great advice as usual, we are pretty sure they are all mixed game fowl. A month or so we decided we wanted more eggs, since Granny was the only one laying for us, so we bought four more Chickens. They are 20 weeks old now, and should be laying anytime. Well the hens should. (we got one Rooster and three hens) They are Barred Plymouth Rocks, and are so friendly its ridiculous! Right now.. Granny is the only one with a name.. bc she came with one.

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