We have 23 chickens in our big coop, 5 juniors in our smaller coop and 4 little bitty ones waiting to grow big enough to join the others. We've had as many has 45 chickens but found out a little late that several were roosters when they decided to sing their songs together, taking turns practicing one after the other. I'm not brave enough to fight all our neighbors so to keep peace we gave the roosters to good homes. We recently have had a tough time with fowl pox of which we knew nothing about. See, I'm new to chicken farming and really thought you throw cool corn out there and presto its all good. Well was I in for a jumbo lesson about chickens. Firstly, they steal your heart with their character and antics, secondly, they will get sick if you happen to buy them from an auction. I learned that I will never purchase a chicken from an auction again, from now on its only through reputable people. I'm still trying to figure out what most of my chickens are, like what type of breed. I know I have 4 cochins which are absolutely gorgeous girls- we call them the fat ladies, they run around with their furry legs and hefty booty's, I just love their personalities, very shy, quiet and always laid back, they never rush in to get the food but always let the others go first. Then there's the White Leghorns, great chickens, also quiet, we had 5 but recently lost one very quickly to a respiratory infection also. These diseases are crazy and go through the flock like wild fire, I hate it. I've never gotten so attached to animals like this, so much so that its really hard for me to even eat chicken anymore, crazy I guess but they are an addiction and so much fun to watch. Ok so back to our flock, the leghorns are the first to give us eggs, we have one thats white with laced type coloring so we of coarse call her lacey, she's laying every single day a very smallish whitish egg- what a precious girl. Our older leghorn was laying regularly until she caught this fowl pox crud. So we're treating them all everyday, checking them, touching them, giving them whatever they need. Ok, so then there are the 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Wyndottes, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Cuchoo Maran, 2 Salmon Favorelles, 3 Gold Sex Links, 5 Americaunas, 1 White Silkie- he's so adorable we named him Ming lol, 2 weird ones not sure what they are lol, and 1 Duckie- so this duckie hmmmm not sure what it was infact he fooled me into thinking he was a girl but after seeing him stepping on the other chickens I know better now. So there is my family, we're fighting through the fowl pox craziness and I pray I don't lose anymore of my babies.