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Cream Legbar 1

  1. storminstaffs
    My pair the roo is a week younger

    Update 28th March 2011
    I'm pretty sure my pullet is laying the wrong egg colour as there a small egg laid on the first once every few days and she's the only pullet in the pen aswell, i'm going to be puttting a trail camera up once i've ordered it and find put if it is her, if it is i'll have to source some hatching eggs from a better source and just keep her as a egg layer not breeder, here's a few pictures of them

    I no longer have the pair above as the roo was mean and the hen didn't lay the right colour egg, so i sourced some eggs from brooms lea poultry which isn't far from where I live and got 6 eggs, only 3 hatched out and it's 2 roo's and 1 hen, i'm rehoming both roo's though as i'm going to have a red black araucana in the big pen instead


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