Cream legbar?

By oshilo88 · Sep 14, 2019 · ·
  1. oshilo88
    Hi everyone! Please advise! I ordered a Cream Legbar pullet from Meyer hatchery. She is 4 weeks old, no crest... i know pure legbars supposed to have it. My older is 4 month old, and it was noticeable since she was a day old. What could be the problem? I asked the hatchery, they said that my chick has a right coloring, but it's very surprising for them that she doesn't have a crest. What's your opinions please? Thank you! Screenshot_20190914-162855_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190914-162848_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20190914-162848_Chrome.jpg

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
  2. oshilo88
    Yes, it's a pullet. Meyer told me that all of their legbars are with the crests...
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    1. BlueBaby
      They are wrong then, as that one has no crest.
  3. BlueBaby
    It is my understanding that the cream legbars can have or not have crests, depending on the breeding of them. You do have a pullet though as for the coloring.
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