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Creative Coops

  1. acoopineveryyard
    The Happy Chicken Starter Coop

    When you’re considering keeping chickens for the first time, it is hard to know just what will be needed. That’s why I designed a modular chicken coop system so you won’t need to start over with a new coop if you decide you would like to make a change.

    If you find that you want your hens to have more space you can add on more pen area to what you already bought. You can double or triple the cubic space of the hen house by adding on more house units. Adding wheels lets you move your chickens to a fresh environment and requires less work to keep clean. For the winter conditions, screw in an insulated solid panel, for hot summer weather, you can easily exchange it for a window panel for more ventilation. I sell a cover for the pen so in the winter weather the chickens can still use that space. A light bulb in the hen house will keep them warm in the winter.

    Everything is strong yet light weight, predator proof and rot resistant. The Happy Chicken Starter Coop lets you start small with just one to four chickens, and grow as you go. For more information visit creativecoops.com

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