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By CRICHUK · Jan 11, 2012 ·
    We have had chickens since April, with no problems. Yesterday, one of our hens just died. She had no symptoms. We figured she had an egg she couldn't pass, and went into shock.

    Tonight, we went to check on our chickens, and our Rooster was dead. same symptoms whatsoever. When we found him dead, his comb, waddle, and head were purple. This morning, the tips of his comb looked black. We are now very concerned about Avian Flu or Newcastle Disease. We have three kids who see the chickens daily. They are in a coop, though.

    Our other concern is the eggs we have collected. We average 7-9 eggs per day from 12 hens. We have three dozen eggs right now, and ar concerned as to whether or not they are safe o eat. I have been using them reguarly with no issues......

    Please help! We are new at this, and very worried!

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