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Crows Roost Farms Seramas

By tinychicky, Apr 23, 2012 | Updated: May 26, 2012 | |
  1. tinychicky
    CR Farms Seramas!

    We currently have a small breeding flock of traditional style seramas from various quality strains such as Jerry Schexnayder and Ed Mongold. The girls have finally started laying surprisingly large eggs nearly every day! We have since hatched 11 chicks with excellent hatch rates, the most recent being 5/5 eggs! We have two mottled chicks, two black/brown and 7 blacks! We plan to keep a few black hens to pair up with thier father and either a mottled or brown cockerel to go with the older girls. These chicks will be the first step to building a beautiful flock of these tiny, enchanting bantams!

    Meet the Serama Flock!

    Chaff (Class B Cock)



    Larkin (Class C Hen)


    Renn (Class B Hen)


    Piper (Class C Hen)


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