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Crows Roost Farms Silkies Easter Eggers And More

By tinychicky · Apr 23, 2012 · ·
  1. tinychicky
    CR Farms Silkies!

    We are the proud owners of a quad of pet quality silkies. Meet our fluffy babies!

    Silas (Non-bearded Black), Shayna (Non-beared Grey), Cali (Bearded Calico), and Marie (Bearded White).


    CR Farm's Easter Eggers!

    We keep our brown egg layers alongside our Ameraucanas. When we hatch one of their eggs the result is a first generation easter egger! Our brown egg breeds include buff orpingtons, production reds, a black sex-link, and a barred rock (which produces sex-linked EE's!)



    Other Breeds on Crow's Roost Farms!

    We have several miscelaneous bantam breeds here on the farm including cochins, old english, modern game, black rosecomb and mixed breeds. These birds include our broodies and retired birds.

    OEGB lavender cock and BB red hen


    Broody Silkie cross

    Broody Silkie cross and cochin chicks

    SIlver duckwing OEGB hen, Black cochin cock and silkie cross hen.

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  1. elsfieldchickens
    cute birds nice pics

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