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Crveatchs Member Page

By crveatch · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. crveatch
    [FONT=georgia,palatino] Charlotte & Marjorie [/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia,palatino] [​IMG]
    Marjorie (left), Charlotte (right)
    [FONT=georgia,palatino] We got our first two chickens in April of 2009 from a farm in Clackamas, OR. They were selected due to their ease of being caught more than anything else. I was happy to have two different breeds. My wife was just happy to have a source for eggs. I hadn't yet learned how delicious fresh eggs could taste, but the collector in me said,"2 breeds > 1".

    Names were the topic for the drive home. It had to be something old-womanish. We bounced around the names of the Golden Girls, but decided on Charlotte and Marjorie after my wife's grandmothers. This has turned out to be quite appropriate seeing as how they are
    [FONT=georgia,palatino]both nosy and opinionated, which I love about all four of the old birds.

    They started laying right away, though it was usually anywhere, but their nest box for the first few months. Now they're very dependable layers stopping only briefly in the fall to molt.
    [FONT=georgia,palatino] [​IMG]
    Araucana (left), Rhode Island (right)

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