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  1. CrystalLovin'CountryChic
    Not much to say really..... I'm more of a horse person than chicken but i do like just new at it :p
    So far I havent figured out how to put pics up on here :p lol my avatar is a pic of my horse, Crystal, and me in my backyard :)
    Im new so pm me sometime so i get to know ppl and if u have any suggestions bout wat i should put up here then pm me plz :)
    BTW I'm a devoted Christian so if u dont like Christians u might not like me. Im not a nut I just sometimes will put somethin out that might sound religious.
    If u are Protestant Christian (preferrably Southern Baptist but im not gunna put u down if ur a different denomination)
    Im really an easy goin person but definitely want to live my life for the Lord Jesus Christ in honor for him :)
    New baby chicks! :D Thanks horsecrazychicklovingkid! :D
    someone please tell me how to put pics in here...i will be greatly appreciative :)

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