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By crznala · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. crznala
    Hi my Name is Maggie and I have 11 chickens. I am very new to this. I live in a rural part of Alabama and work at the local elementary school. This past year, one of the kindergarten teachers had an incubator in her room . As the chicks began to hatch out a few had problems. Her dad who had brought her the eggs, came to "cull" the chicks. I adopted them. Many of the ones I got had bad legs or crooked feet, and couldn't stand. I have had to learn as you go so to speak. My husband of 20 years, Darren is working on a coop for them.They were are about 18 weeks old and I have 5 younger ones in a separate cage that are 6 weeks. I would love to know what they are. The teacher I got them from, her dad said they all had different moms and he raises chickens. I am loving my chickens, hoping for eggs, not planning to kill any of them as they are loveable pets and I adore them. However, I need as much help as possible to do right by them

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