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By CTChickenMom · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. CTChickenMom
    Here is a list of all the girls I'll be getting come the first week of April. These are full grown of course but I'll include chick pics. There will be two of each.
    I was first entranced by chickens when I sat at my sister's house last summer and had a lovely young Buff Orpington sitting in my lap eating pigs ears (that's what we called them). She clucked softly as I fed her the leaves, totally content to sit in my lap and be loved. I knew I had to have some of my own.
    These two are Golden Laced Wyandottes

    black-redArauHHeadUK.JPEG ArauChix2.JPEG
    This is a Wheaten Araucana and a pile of Araucana chicks. In the US, muff and beard would be a disqualification in the show ring (according to feathersite.com) McMurray Hatchery sells their chicks as Araucana/Americanas but says, "Our Araucanas are recommended for egg laying color and ability and not for exhibition." Because of this, I'm inclined to believe that the adults will have beards and muffs....yeah!

    Here are some lovely Black Australorps! (Did you know they also come in Blue?)

    This is a Light Brahma with 3 LB Chicks

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Golden Pencil Hamburgs...aren't they lovely?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These girls are Golden Lace Cochin.
    Thanks to feathersite.com and Chicken Box for the pictures!

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